goals2 Hello!! I am so glad you stopped by to learn about CHILDREN of the CITY!

Whenever I tell people I have written a book, they ask “What’s it about?” And the HUGE thing I really want to tell them is “what it’s FOR!”  Yes, CHILDREN of the CITY is a novel about child trafficking in America. It tells the story of suffering through fictional characters and introduces the reality of darkness that so many people face every day. Research and statistics of atrocity are now given a face, given a name.

BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than the nuts and bolts of the plot is the “WHY” behind the story. This is MORE than just book sales and bestselling lists! This is an opportunity for people to UNITE and make a difference! COTC empowers people like you and me to rise up and partner with freedom fighters all over the world.

When you read this book, I hope it FIRES YOU UP! I hope it leaves you feeling BRAVE, AUDACIOUS, and COMPELLED by LOVE for OTHERS! As the author, I have read over the pages of COTC countless times reworking it with major edits and tiny tweaks. I have lost track of the hours invested. Sometimes though, I open my document and step into the story simply just to walk it out with those characters again. I reconnect. I picture their faces. I remember WHY I am doing this… because somewhere out there is another Will, another Celia; a real child trapped in the mess. They need me. They need you!

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Together, we will press on! The sacrifice IS WORTH IT! Women and children WILL be rescued and given a new chance at life again!


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