How can you help stop human trafficking?


AWARENESS:  Above all, people must know. This novel has been written to aide you with a tool to share with others. You might consider hosting a book club, small group, or prompt others in the community to promote awareness. Use your own creative efforts to shed light on this darkness. People cannot help if they do not know.

JOIN OR HOST A BOOK CLUB:  This may be one of the easiest ways you can tell others about human trafficking. This book introduces the topics and research, and a book club opens the door for discussion igniting passion and action. Learn more about how to join or host your own book club.

BE WATCHFUL:  Keep your mind alert to situations around you. If you see adults or children that look suspicious or susceptible, take note of surrounding details and call the hotline immediately. One phone call can save a life!

HUMAN TRAFFICKING HELP-LINE:  Save this phone number in your cell phone, and call or text to report any suspicious activity. Available 24/7: National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 888-373-7888, or Text HELP or INFO to BE FREE (233733)

CONNECT:  There are many great non-profit organizations that strive to end human slavery. Each one utilizes different avenues and strategies to make an impact. You can give financially, volunteer, join an internship, or contact the organization personally for ideas on how to accomplish their goals. Below is a list of trusted organizations that work in different ways to stop human slavery.


THE A-21 CAMPAIGN       Twitter: @TheA21Campaign     Facebook Page

The A-21 Campaign is an international anti-human trafficking organization with the goal of abolishing slavery in the 21st century. A-21 aims for prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships. They have admin offices, field offices and restoration locations in Australia, Europe, Africa, and the United States.


END IT MOVEMENT       Twitter: @EnditMovement

Awareness and action are the primary goals while connecting people with organizations making a difference. End It Movement calls everyone to raise their voice; they often provide mass awareness opportunities to join involving social media and video.


STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING NOW     Twitter: @SCTNow     Facebook Page

Focused on child trafficking in the United States, SCT Now targets the “demand” of child sex slavery by funding programs of rescue and rehabilitation. They also fund Special Investigative Teams trained in identifying and investigating the individuals exploiting innocent children.


iEMPATHIZE     Twitter: @iEmpathize     Facebook Page

iEmpathize works to eradicate child exploitation on a global level and engage culture in creative solutions. They empower the kids, sectors, and regions most effected by the issue. They constantly host awareness events filled with creative imagery and sensory designed to evoke empathy and compassion.


THE POLARIS PROJECT       Twitter: @Polaris_Project     Facebook Page

Based in the U.S. and Japan, Polaris Project works to advance state and federal policy related to the crime of human trafficking. Passing strong legislation creates protection for victims and accountability for traffickers and others contributing to human trafficking.


HAND OF HOPE     Facebook Page

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries with the goal to help as many hurting people as possible and alleviate human suffering. Hand of Hope supports children homes, feeding programs, medical aide, and inner city work. They also rescue trafficked women and children in the United States, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece, and Lesotho. For survivors, Hand of Hope offers love, housing, schooling, job skill training, and counseling to rebuild and restore lives.


RESTORE INNOCENCE     Twitter: @restoreblackbow     Facebook Page

Restore Innocence works with children rescued out of exploitation in America. They host “Cinderella’s House” as a safe home for recovery, provide mentoring programs, and fill “Restore Bags” for children pulled off the streets. When a victim is rescued in a sting operation, everything on their body is considered “evidence.” Restore Bags contain brand-new items such as clothing, products for personal hygiene, and snacks. These are given directly to police to administer and help create a relationship of trust between the victims and law enforcement officials. You can serve and bring Restore Bags to your state, too!


SAK SAUM     Facebook Page

Located in Phnom Penh and the Saang district of Cambodia, Sak Saum rescues and restores vulnerable/exploited women and men. They facilitate vocational training empowering victims to completely step away from their dark past. Sak Saum offers an online store featuring trendy accessories including purses, jewelry, baby items, and home décor. All items are produced by survivors and provide sustainable income for a life of freedom. You can donate, purchase, or share on Pinterest.


PEARL ALLIANCE      Twitter: @PearlAlliance     Facebook Page

Messenger International has a raid and rescue outreach called Pearl Alliance targeting brothels, pedophile homes, arrest for child pornography, and other advances against human trafficking in South East Asia.


ABOLITION INTERNATIONAL     Twitter: @AbolitionIntl      Facebook Page

Founded by singer/songwriter, Natalie Grant, Abolition International works to end sexual slavery by providing hope and freedom through quality aftercare, accreditation, advocacy, and awareness.



IJM has a mission to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible. With 16 field offices around the world, more than 500 lawyers, investigators, social workers and staff work to secure tangible and sustainable protection of national laws through local court systems. IJM was highlighted by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 10 nonprofits “making a difference.”